It is environment friendly technology...

Comparing with other technology mediums for gathering power, Solar Technology is truely an "Environment Friendly", generated from the sun.

PSP is bringing this new technology for our dear Pakistanis, for home solar systems we are charging 0% profit, to make their lives more compfortable and at best standards.

Pakistan Solar Power also offers Business Opportunities in the country, you can become our authorized dealer and can make good business within your territory, without investing huge amounts you can get good business yet! we welcome dealers from all over the country.


First time in Pakistan we are providing solar power products at consumer level..... it is most economical way to get energy and power for commercial or domestic usage!

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    Pakistan Solar Power Now Launched in Pakistan, entering into new World Of Technology, No Bills No Load Shading, It's the time to Get Empowered. We are looking for dealers from all over Pakistan. To become our dealer contact Mr. Maqsood 0333 831 7070 Mr. Zeshan Cheema 0334 4693593

Solar Energy: An Over View

As solar power does not make sense for all locations in the world. The initial cost of installing solar panels or other sources of solar energy is high, and that is not easy for most people to get around. No matter how much some people would like to get involved in the movement to independent energy, it is cost prohibitive.To achieve the highest level of efficiency, which is the entire point of going solar in the first place, you need the proper amount of roof space to support the panels your house may require. Not only how much space is available, but also the location of your home is also relevant to whether or not you can maintain solar energy. Some houses simply do not receive enough sunlight to produce substantial energy. This could mean that either your house is not positioned favorably in relation to a tree or other house.

Pakistan is most suitable for solar power:

As you can see, the cons of implementing solar power in your home are primarily cost and location related, but if those two items do not pose issues for you, the good news is…

If solar power is looked at through a long-term lens, you will eventually make back what you originally spent, and possibly start saving money on your investment

Let’s not forget that solar energy increases the value of your home too. Solar power is not subject supply and demand fluctuations in the way that gas is. Silicon, the primary component of solar panels, is also being more widely produced, therefore, less and less expensive with each passing year.

Solar power is independent, or semi-independent. This is great because you can supply your home with electricity during a power outage. Solar power can also be used in remote locations, places where conventional power can’t be reached. On a larger scale, solar power also reduces our need to rely on foreign sources for power.

And last, but certainly not least, it’s good for our planet! Solar energy is clean, renewable and sustainable. It does not fill our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or any other pollutants. It is a free and unlimited source of power, unlike expensive and damaging fossil fuels.

We offer 0% profit deal for Only Home Solar System, for initial period...